Barrel Jump Contest on Saturday December 17th

The upcoming Saturday December 17th we’ll have amazing plans at Skate Agora. Our Skate Agora Cantina will officially open its doors and we want to invite you all to come, skate and enjoy all the surprises we have prepared for the day.

The main course will be served from 12PM at the Barrel Jump Contest where you will have the option to win the summ of 200€ , 100 burgers and 100 beers if jumping more beer barrels than anyone else, or landing some of the proposed tricks at the craziest contest of the year.

We will have 1,000 free beers for all attendees and once the contest is done the artists collective Bali Green will run the show with dj sets, live music, video projections and so on.

Do not miss one of our most important days. At Skate Agora we work hard for skateboarding and we want to gather as many skateboarders as possible to celebrate with us one of a great year.

You got it from 12PM on Saturday December 17th.