Learn to skate safely at our Academy.

For all levels and ages.

Skate Lessons


The beginner level lessons are perfect for any child or young person up to 16 years old who wants to enter the world of skateboarding in a safe and fun way.

With a wide variety of activities, the students will lay the foundations of skateboarding without risk and enjoying the process. Classes are taught in groups, which encourages collaboration.

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The advanced skate lessons are focused on the improvement of specific skills for those skaters who have already passed the initiation level and want to make a quality leap in skateboarding.

Classes are taught in groups, which encourages student collaboration and motivation.

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Getting into skateboarding when you are no longer a child is possible and easier than it may seem.

At Skate Agora we make sure that you can do it safely and minimizing the risk of injury. In addition you will be integrated in a group of people who also learn skateboarding from 18 years old and up.

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Don't like group classes and prefer to have an instructor all to yourself?

You can also schedule private skateboarding lessons on an occasional or regular basis. You will have personalized attention throughout the class.

Contact us and we will tell you how to do it.

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At Skate Agora we offer skate masterclasses for groups of all kinds:

- Sessions for schools or extra-curricular activities.
- Teambuilding sessions for companies.
- Adapted sessions for groups with functional diversity.

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What better way to spend the Summer, Easter or Christmas holidays than learning skateboarding as well as other sports and activities in the privileged facilities of Skate Agora?

Registration open for the Skate Camps. Click here to learn more.

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Skate Agora Academy's has developed its own unique methodology for teaching skateboarding, which has been an international reference for the last seven years. It is centered on three values:

Skate Agora Academy