Skate Agora is a public skate plaza 100% dedicated to Extreme Sports.

Designed by California Skateparks, a world leader in skatepark construction, it is the first in Europe to be approved by the Street League Skateboarding to host international competitions.

With 4,683 m2 of space, it has obstacles designed for all levels: from the most pro riders to those suitable for beginners.

The location is strategic and the environment, postcard. Located in front of Badalona beach, 15 minutes by train from the center of Barcelona and with the sea in the background, skating at Skate Agora is skating in a temple of skateboarding in a Mediterranean atmosphere.

Skate Agora Area






Design and construction

Skate Agora is one more step towards the public recovery of the coastline. It is also a cultural and sporting advance for the metropolitan area of Barcelona which, despite being among the skate capitals of the world, there are few facilities that are up to the task.


Advanced SLS Section

Designed for intermediate and professional skaters. Suitable for training for international competitions, as it has the regulatory measures. Includes 7 stairs, central hubba and 2 handrails on both sides.


Intermediate section

Designed for skaters of all levels. It includes long stairs with soft and long handrails, a wide bank to bank with a gap of 1,5 m and 2 types of handrails.


Beginners Section

Designed for young learners and beginners. Includes 4 stairs, low handrails, hubba up slope, flat rail with manual pad with handrail and platform.

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