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eSports at Skate Agora Camps 2018

At Skate Agora Academy we celebrate new collaboration with S2V Digital Sports to incorporate activities with the Asus Rog Army eSports team during the Skate Agora Camps next summer.

The Asus Rog Army team will bring different activities related to eSports during several weekly sessions. Educational workshops on nutrition, psychology in eSports, influencers or correct use of social networks are some of the activities that will complement training sessions and FIFA 18 competitions.

The skaters also at the end of the competitions will be able to challenge professional players of the FIFA18 modality who will attend as guests of the Asus Rog Army.

The activities of eSports of S2V Digital Sports will be optional within the programming of the Skate Agora Camps, being able to choose between these, wakeboard and of course much skate!