Final SLS Nike SB Pro Open Barcelona

Shane O’Neill wins SLS Pro Open Barcelona at Skate Agora, and a Golden Ticket to 2016 Street League Skateboarding Nike SB Super Crown World Championship.

Americans Nyjah Houston and Cody McEntire ended this international tie in Second and Third position.

After Barcelona, SLS Nike SB World Tour will take place in Munich, Germany, on July 2nd at the Olympic Park.

With the two best results among SLS Qualifiers, Tiago Lemos and Tommy Finn became part of  SLS Pros and will compete in SLS World Tour.

SLS Nike SB Pro Open final results:

  1. Shane O’Neill – 34.82
  2. Nyjah Huston – 32.83
  3. Cody McEntire – 31.84
  4. Paul Rodriguez – 31.05
  5. Luan Oliveira – 29.96
  6. Ryan Decenzo – 28.97
  7. Chaz Ortiz – 28.48
  8. Chris Joslin – 22.2


Along three days 7,200 assistants were able to enjoy of 130 athletes, the best professionals and amateurs in the World.

Skate Agora is a public plaza and will be open again to all skatebarders on Saturday May28th.