Friday review

Excellent opening day of the awesome “Skate Agora” park next to the beach in Badalona. It is scheduled to open its doors to the public by summer. In today’s session took place the SLS Pro Open Practice and Nike SB Euro AM.

At 16:00 PM started the qualifying heats where the best Europeans AM battled each other divided into groups of three participants, for a three minutes period, fighting for a place into the semifinal. Tricks and styles of all colors and tastes were seen, from technical to the most aggressive ones, there were not a single centimeter of this fabulous park without being ripped apart for the skaters.

Insane level shown by the Europeans AM with tons of tricks. On the big rail were seen noseblunt, backside bigspin to frontside boardslide, backside kickflip to lipslides, frontside feeble and even a surprising backside bigspin flip to frontside boardslide. Big airs and nosegrinds in the quarter pipe, hardflips, frontside flip three sixty flip on the stairs. Some fun stuff happened when the Monster girls were seen dancing on the quarter pipe for the attending public

About 20:00 PM took place the semifinals of Euro AM Nike SB that lengthened to 22:30 PM. If we saw a high level in the qualifying heats the best was still about to come. To highlight on the stairs a powerful inward heelflip by Mathias Torres from Chile, great ollie off the quarter pipe and jumping all over gardener by Danny Leon, Pol Catena with a solid kickflip over the rail, Michael Sommer shown up his style and power flips, Marek Zaprazny nollie nosegrind on the ledge over the volcano and a good switch backside tailslide on the curb uphill, Cristian Calderon nollie krooked and nosegrind on the big rail, good nollie frontside three sixty over the gap by Florentin Marfaign and Roger Silva flowed practically throughout the park without fail.