‘Get your Clips’ every Thursday at Skate Agora

Enrique Mayor is an international well known videomaker. He was one of the first to film and edit full length skate videos in Spain when internet and memory cards didn’t exist. Probably skaters such as J.M Roura, Raul Navarro or Pablo Dominguez wouldn’t be so famous nowadays without Enrique’s work. He filmed their first video parts at a time when, if you wanted to see someone skate you could only go down to the town square or get a VHS.


After more than 20 years filming skateboarding, he has filmed with skaters from all nationalities and levels and he has also been working for many brands and media. He is currently working for Nike SB and thanks to the ‘Get your Clips’ sessions you have the chance to be filmed by him at Skare Agora. Don’t miss it! Every Thursday from 18 pm to 20 pm.