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The new school year is about to start and the After-school Skateboarding Programs will also be back in October through the Skate Agora Academy method, run by Pro skateboarders like the very well known  José Manuel Roura among others!

Programs run multiple levels: to start skateboarding in a safe environment (BEGINNER), to improve your skills during weekly sessions (INTERMEDIATE), or as previous access to technical training at Skate Agora Lab.

You will also experience the culture and history of skateboarding, its scene and will be in direct contact with top skaters, or attend contest and events…

– All material included – skateboard, helmet and protections.

– Weekly Skate Classes / Training sessions.

– Screening and video-correction sessions.

– Discount: 15% at Skate Agora Shop.

 *Skate level selection and groups will be determined through a initial test. Classes / Training session groups will be set based on age and skateboarding level.

Go to Skate Agora Academy website to check calendar and availability.

EARLY BIRD PROMOTION: For each friend you bring to join the After-school Skateboarding Programs at Skate Agora Academy, you´ll get a free month for you – one month per friend you bring! Contact academy@skateagora.com to bring your friends and join.