Skate Agora, a unique plaza is born

Located in the Badalona neighborhood known as Canyadó, Skate Agora will open with two top-level skateboarding competitions. Once they are over, it will be a permanent venue, open to the public practice of skateboarding.

Skate Agora, the new Street Plaza in Badalona, is born as a worldwide reference spot of this sport, because it is one of the few certified tracks to host Street League competitions.

The project, lead by Lateral Thinking, counts con the collaboration of the Badalona City Council, Nike SB, California Skateparks, the Lafarge Group, and Street League Skateboarding, and its main goal is to provide Badalona with a cutting-edge facility where both the practice of skateboarding and its associated values are promoted.

Furthermore, Skate Agora, through the start-up of a school —the Skate Agora Academy, within the Nike SB Honor Roll Skateboarding Club program—, will strive to make this sport available to the youngest, through specific learning programs that work around the skateboarding practice and other creative activities related to urban culture and action sports.

The track, built by California Skateparks, has an area of 4,683m2. From the total area, 1,250m are assigned to the approved track for Street League competitions.

The rest of the park will have different levels of difficulty for beginners, and a medium level section. Due to its location on the seashore, the Lafarge Group has designed a specific concrete that is both long-lasting and malleable, with cutting-edge additives and polymeric fibers. The final result will be a more flexible and hard-wearing surface.
Skate Agora is born with the will to put Badalona on the international skateboarding map. The new venue will be a permanent place, open to the sporting practice. The track will open on the weekend of May 16-17th, with the best skaters in the world doing their best tricks, and will open to the public on mid-to-end of June.