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Skate Agora welcomes Montana Colors as new partner

Skate Agora presents the beginning of an epic partnership with global spray paint manufacturer giant Montana Colors, a celebration re-envisioning the relationship between skateboarding, graffiti and fine art. Skateboarding’s Culture has always gone hand in hand with Graffiti as an accepted form of expression, rebellion and art. 

Montana Colors has made possible the construction of The Wall, a 60 sqm surface set at Skate Agora BDN Barcelona that will serve as mutant canvas, meaning the faithful reflection of everything that happens artistically speaking at the European Street Skateboarding’s Temple.

Upcoming Saturday April 14th the respected artist @Termoface will take over The Wall through a live intervention from 12.00 PM, as the first of many. As Termoface, along the next months multiple artists will visit Skate Agora BDN Barcelona to showcase their best art and finest artworks.

So it’s a culture thing, it’s about freedom and creativity: Skateboarding shakes the body while Graffiti shakes the conscience, so the combination of both become the base on which Skate Agora and Montana Color’s educational, cultural and social integration project will develop its activity, conducting workshops for kids, youth and anyone with a body and conscience, artist takeovers, and many more creative initiatives which will consolidate Skate Agora as an epicenter of art and culture.

To have a first bite of what´t coming, also next Saturday April 14th, multiple Montana Colors´artists will be running free and open graffiti workshops for everyone joining at Skate Agora BDN Barcelona.

At Skate Agora we´re super excited to welcome Montana Colors to our family, so better stay tuned and ready for a great partnership full of activities, art and skateboarding!